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About Me

In my professional career I have mainly worked in the Information & Communication Technology sector and I have held positions with increasing responsibility: IT Support, Developer, Business Intelligence, Project Manager, and ICT Manager. I initially worked in consulting Companies and later for the Pharmaceutical Company I worked in a dynamic and changing environment and in relations to people at all levels. I have successfully met challenges in new growing companies like start up and joint venture with motivated and ambitious team and, I faced the change management in a consolidated environment. I've got the opportunity to deal with multiple business areas: Finance, Sales, Engineering, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Business Intelligence, Web portals, Digital Transformation and the Internet of Things. I am a determined person with clear approach to problem solving, communication skill and apt to work for both personal and team goals. In my spare time I work on personal projects such as Video Productions, Web Applications and Photography.

My Beliefs

“I don’t care how senior or junior they are. The difference between the great and the mediocre in tech is passion – and you shouldn’t spend a cent on someone that doesn’t have it.” Matthew Carswell

“Straddling the line between business and technology isn’t without its challenges but, the CIO who can embrace both responsibilities and bring a sense of balance to the role is one who will create value within the company and become one of the key driving forces behind business success."

Soft Skills


IT is a project-based discipline. Especially in a large project, people from different business areas must come together and agree on how the project is to be done, and what its goals are. My role is to foster a collaborative environment. This means getting to know the people involved in the project as well as the politics that surrounds it.

Organizational development

There was a time when organizational development was almost exclusively a matter of human resources! - But no more. As IT infrastructure becomes more integrated, as applications routinely cross hardware and software boundaries, and as IT itself becomes more service-oriented. In recent years I have reorganized the IT organization several times in line with the needs of the Business

Sales Skills

A CIO needs to be more than just technically proficient. They need to be able to sell their team and the business stakeholders on the benefits of any new technology being implemented. Without such abilities, a tech project is bound to fail due to lack of enthusiasm from both the tech team and the system’s business users.


In joint business-IT projects or in contracts and collaborations with suppliers, it is increasingly important to have sharp negotiation skills that get the best deals for IT and for the business. Negotiation is give and take. My role is to be malleable in the process, knowing that no one is likely to get everything they want.

Problem Solving

Every day I am called to solve any kind of problem. These can range from the simple to the really big ones. It’s the big ones that can cause us the most problems. They can be so large that we find ourselves struggling to come up with a way to even start to solve them. This is why it turns out that in order to solve problems like this, we need to take a different approach.


My job is not only to manage and deliver IT initiatives, but also to engage in all aspects of the overall business strategy. Being an exceptional leader is about more than just getting a job done. A leader needs to be able to balance the goals and objectives of their organisation, while at the same time ensuring their team is fulfilled, motivated and successful.

Hard Skills

Project management

There’s a semi-famous quote, often attributed to former U.S. Army General Creighton Abrams, about dealing with a seemingly insurmountable obstacle or situation: “When eating an elephant, take one bite at a time”. This is undoubtedly one of the best approaches for the success of a project

Digital Trasformation

While we may live in an increasingly digital world, we must never underestimate the importance of human interaction. Effective communication and analytics skills will be fundamental during a digital transformation project to provide insights and share information across the organisation. My role is to explain why something has to change, not just how it will change.


Effective budget management includes developing an IT strategy that's directly aligned with the enterprise's strategic goals. This enables IT to plan, support and budget for priorities. IT should be able to identify expected growth plans from the business units and plan priorities and capacity accordingly.

Software development

There are many developers in the business. The difficulty is finding someone who can design software with obsessive attention to detail. This is my trait!


Work Experiences



2004 - Current
Istituto Biochimico Italiano

ICT Manager

Reporting to the Company CFO I am in charge of the information and communication technology department accross IBI manufacturing plant placed in Aprilia (LT). In this role I manage internal and external resources, projects and day by day users support services with the aim to guarantee business needs are fully met in accordance to ICT Corporate strategy.

GI Group

ICT Specialist

I managed the infrastructure resources (clients, servers, network equipment, various devices) for the headquarters and for all the branches of GI Group in Italy ensuring that availability is within the defined service level agreements and performance is maintained at the expected level . I was also involved in developing business reporting and web applications for the optimization of internal processes.



A wonderful experience in one of the most important software development companies in southern Italy


ITC A.Masullo


Ragioneria Indirizzo Sperimentale Programmatore.

Soft Skills





Vendor management




Hard Skills

Project Management


Network Structure & Security


Data Analysis


Cloud Computing


Other Skills

  • Business Intelligence
  • Virtualization
  • Cloud computing
  • IT Service Management
  • ERP
  • Business Strategy
  • CSV
  • SQL
  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Change management
  • HTML5
  • css
  • Javascript
  • php


ITIL Foundation v.3

Exam in English
Aprile 2013

Il coaching a sostegno del management

Giugno 2019

Lean Thinking & Lean Management

Giugno 2011

Comunicazione & Org. Aziendale

Settembre 2001


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